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Thursday, October 23

Another thought:

Ronnie had Nancy. Reputedly, she was running the country during the last few years of his mental incompetence (should have been replaced by Bush 41 - Oh Gawd!).
Has anyone ever seen McCain at any rally without Cindy the C? To quote Cliff Claven, "What's up with that?"
I'm sure that her shadowing can be defended somehow, I just don't know how. And does the "First Dude" follow the Schnozz around? If so, he's staying in the background so we don't find out he is going to run things instead of Sarah.
So why's Cindy the C always within fainting distance of Johnny Boy?
Just a thought.


I just read on AmericaBlog NBC announced that Johnny Boy will be on "Meet the Press" Oct. 26th, live in, get this...Waterloo, Iowa! They have a video of ABBA doing Waterloo!
Hmmm? Wasn't there something historically significant about that name? We need hip boots to walk through the irony.

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