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Friday, October 17

And Now a Brief Interruption of the Normal Broadcasting Schedule

Please indulge a Mule for a moment. Sometimes I just can't resist the urge to share.
Like most silly old grandmothers with picture books in hand, I love my children, but I worship my grandchildren. And these pictures are of my precious granddaughter, Gracie showing her mount Choctaw (age 23) in a Vintage costume class this summer. Not only is Choctaw hers, so if half of my heart. The other half belonging to her big brother Henry. I like to think of Gracie and Henry as my reward for not killing their daddy when he was a teenager.

Gracie got her first blue ribbon in that class - in fact, she received two blue ribbons that day. And her reaction was as I expected, like it always is. Calm. A glancing smile. Not bragging. Not gloating. She patted Choctaw on the neck just as she has done at the end of every other ride - whether she received a ribbon or not.

Below is Gracie's favorite lullaby. I've been singing this song to her since the day she was born. Nothing melts my heart more than her asking me to "Sing me my song, Granny."

Grandma's Little Girl (Based on "Daddy's Little Girl")"

You're the end of the rainbow, my pot of gold,You're Grandma's Little Girl to have and hold.
A precious gem is what you are;Your Grandma's bright and shining star.
You're the Spirit of Christmas, our star on the tree.
You're the Easter Bunny to Grandpa and me,
Like the angels that sing, you're a heavenly thing-Cause you're Grandma's Little Girl.

Carry On.......

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