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Saturday, October 18

"AMERICA GET OUT" -- a peaceful protest in Bagdad today

Protesters clogged several streets in the capital, waving Iraqi flags and kicking up dust. The demonstration, the largest in Baghdad in several months, was largely peaceful.

"End the U.S. occupation of Iraq!"

"Thanks to you, to these voices and the millions of voices, George Bush will hear these millions of calls in his 'Black House' -- in which you shouted out, 'No, no, America!'"

"This talk and these words are that of the leader, Muqtada al-Sadr: Baghdad is free, free! America, get out. This voice does not reach the Green Zone. We want to hear everyone who is occupied in that area saying Baghdad is free, free, America get out!" al-Araji exclaimed.

Here's the story

and another "updated" story

(a different version keeps popping up on my att home page -- along with pictures galore!)

Why do you suppose we are hearing so much about these protests?

Why do you suppose we don't get the same coverage of protests that are currently going on in our country?

(thanks for the video recommendation kablooie - PERFECT for this post indeed)

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