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Tuesday, September 16

Tough Job?

Carly says Palin couldn't run HP

Carly Fiorina made an interesting comment about Palin’s Executive abilities. She was asked if Palin could run HP and said no. But there’s a subtle implication in her answer that I wonder why it hasn’t been addressed or even mentioned.

"Do you think [Sarah Palin] has the experience to run a major company, like Hewlett Packard?" asked the host.
"No, I don't," responded Fiorina. "But you know what? That's not what she's running for."
"I find it quite stunning actually that the Barack Obama campaign is questioning Sarah Palin's experience," she said. "She has more executive experience than he does and she is the vice presidential nominee and he is the presidential nominee."

All irony aside, she evidently thinks that running a corporation is more important and more difficult than running a country. I wonder how Lehman feels about that? I knew a few second looie’s who thought they knew more about “special life “ than some who went through it or were in it at the time! No way I’d want them running the country let alone a company.
But the unstated comment is this: Because Palin [allegedly] has more executive experience than Obama, does that mean she knew what she was doing?
Look at some CEOs of major corporations with more executive experience in the executive washroom than Failin’ Palin and the results to some of those companies were abysmal.
Just because you’re an executive doesn’t mean you’re any good at what you do. The last 8 years are littered with Enron types with loads of executive experience who didn’t know jack.
Looking at Palin’s record, she fits right in with those incompetent executives with lots of executive experience.
So maybe someone should start questioning not whether Palin has more executive-ness but whether she was any good AS an executive. Of course, maybe they don’t want us asking that!

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