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Thursday, September 25


"OMG!, there is literally NO gas here! I finally found some this a.m., but had to wait in line, and could only get half a tank. It's nuts."

Yep. That's the answer I received when I e-mailed the following headline and links to a fellow blogger by the name of AnnaVanZ who comments frequently here at Blondesense:

"Major Gas Shortage In Western North Carolina Sends Drivers Scrambling".

Guess I'll have to walk to the post office to mail my portion of the bailout funds to the Federal Reserve. Leg's feelin' kinda gimpy though. Maybe I won't go at all. What's the Fed gonna do if we refuse to give 'em the money? In partial response to that question, I'll remind readers of what Marie Antoinette had to say when she was asked what the peasants would eat: "Let them eat cake." So. "Ben, Hank, boygeorge, the rest of you miserable tubs of guts, why don't you eat shit?"

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