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Thursday, September 25

Republicans Take Their Marbles and Go Home

Well - that's it. So much for putting the country first. After reaching a tentative agreement this afternoon (one both sides agreed to) - House Republicans smashed the whole thing to hell and staged a walkout (the operative word here being 'staged'). Funny how that happened immediately after McCain blew into town.

Wanna know what I think? I think McCain's afraid to face Obama in Friday's debate, so he pushed his colleagues to back off on a settlement. This allows him to skip the debate without coming across as a coward. It also sets him up to be the 11th hour ‘savior’. What do you bet the Republican ‘leadership’ comes forward with something called the ‘McCain Compromise’ early Monday morning? And how much more would you wager that that compromise looks awfully like what was already agreed to – with a few of McCain’s pet line items thrown in for good measure?

I really hope Obama and the Democratic Party gets off their collective asses and attack this sophistry with guns blazing. Up till now, they’ve been coasting on all that yummy goodness left over from the convention. Obama seems to think he’ll just win without continuing to work for it. It’s as if the only attack he had in him was the one he used on Hillary. Frankly, he’s been too damn quiet these last few weeks, looking and sounding more like a University professor than Presidential material. I think what McCain’s doing is pure theatre – but theatre sells. Perhaps it’s time the Democratic Party took a few lessons in performance.

If they’re interested, I’m available. After all - I taught theatre to children for years.

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