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Tuesday, September 23

Racism Alive and Well in America

I almost had an argument with a gal over the weekend who swears up and down that she researched on the internet, that Obama is a Muslim and she won't vote for one of "them" because of 9/11.

She's from NC and I told her that most NYers believe that the GOP is closer to the terrorists than any Democrat. But that didn't faze her.

My friend from NH asked me if I was voting for "Osama" and I said, "Obama?" and she said, "No, Osama."

In the supermarket a woman told me and my son that she refuses to wear a burka and will be voting for McCain.

And I have more stories I won't bore you with. I try to bring up issues about McCain that I would think would give people reason to pause, but it doesn't. They're convinced Obama's a Muslim and no one cares about what McCain did or didn't do. Oh and I believe that "Muslim" Is a code word for "black."

I haven't heard anything in the news about this Muslim connection, but then again, I don't listen to talk radio nor do I watch Faux News. I seem to remember a big flack about Obama's Christian minister that was all over the news, but apparently everyone forgot about that. The gal from NC said that she does watch Faux News and my friend from NH watches Glenn Beck. So there ya go. No one knows anything about the issues at all. They think in sound bites. They like Sarah Palin cause she's a mom and they don't like Obama cause he's a Muslim (black). End of story.

I just saw this at Think Progress. Limbaugh Repeats Myth That Obama Is Of ‘Arab-African’ Descent “He’s Arab. You know, he’s from Africa. He’s from Arab parts of Africa,” Limbaugh claimed. Of course he is wrong. Obama's dad was from Kenya and Kenyans aren't Arabs. Millions of dumbasses across our great land listen to this jackass. No freaking wonder they have everything all mixed up.

Speaking of just how ridiculous this meme is, I just read this story that a 5th grader was suspended from school in Colorado for wearing a crudely written homemade tshirt that read “Obama a terrorist’s best friend.” If the mass media can perpetrate the myth that Obama is a Muslim and a terrorist sympathizer, then I suppose that anything goes as far as tshirt slogans and the kid should be cut some slack... just as long as someone can wear a tshirt claiming that McCain aided and abetted the enemy during the Vietnam war.

UPDATE: ...and speaking of racism, World Nut Daily has a piece that claims it's not greed that caused the mortgage and financial crisis, but minority homeownership. Ah yes, of course it was those liberal activists who insisted upon deregulation.

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