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Tuesday, September 16

Pot Arrests at an all time high

Well we're not winning the war on terrorism, but it appears that the war on drugs is going strong with over 800,000 American citizens being arrested annually for pot. 89% are arrested for simply having it, not selling it or growing it. While the US drug czar claims that no one goes to jail for possession of marijuana, it's simply not true, because a whopping 12% of both federal and state inmates are serving time for marijuana offenses.

The time and money spent on going after marijuana users could be used to rebuild and maintain infrastructure while creating jobs.

See The Drug War's Latest Tally: 872,721 Pot Arrests, an All-Time High

Hell, al Qaida has moved into a country that has nukes, why not cut the American taxpayers some slack and let them have a toke?

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