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Friday, September 19

Obligatory Friday Sex Post

Well, where to begin?

Sad news to report this week: According to a study, more people are now perusing social networking sites like MySpace and FaceBook than are cruising the Internet for porn. That's rather sad, isn't it? A growing number of people actually looking to talk to each other rather than look at the latest version of "Two Girls, One Cup."

Because we have to remember:

In other news of things sexual, the incidence of oral sex among teenage girls has increased, possibly because they see it as a "safe" alternative to the reproductive act. The sting in the tail on this is that the sex is usually unprotected, so there's a concomitant rise in venereal disease.

Also, there seems to be an increase in the number of adolescent lesbian encounters among young women. An interesting development, to be sure.

(And no, I shall not say things like "Let's go deeper into this.")

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