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Thursday, September 25

McCain Did Not Suspend His Campaign at All

I was just over reading the news at Americablog

John McCain, despite what the news media tells you, has NOT suspended his campaign. The congressional leaders are meeting at 10am and McCain is in NYC addressing the Clinton Global Initiative. He will be in DC later for the photo op with the president. Yesterday, while the campaign was supposedly suspended, McCain had time to meet with royalty including Her Royal Highness Lady de Rothschild (she called blue collar voters "rednecks" and a huge celebrity, Sir Bono. Don't believe what you see on the teevee.

The candidates were told last week that they would be debating the economy this Friday.

McCain canceled the VP debate. Chicken shit. Sarah Palin did so poorly with Katie Couric, it's no wonder.

Bush has a 19% approval rating and a 76% disapproval rating. Only 31% of Americans support the bailout (and they are either rich or stupid.) More than 60% of Americans believe that McCain will follow Bush's policies. Seems that the Bush Administration is doing a bang up job of convincing Americans that the government will correct this catastrophe. Not.

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