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Tuesday, September 23

lose your home, lose your vote (II)

See below for the original shock 'n' awe- and rage-inspiring post.

I'm stuck at home taking care of family business, and was listening to NPR yesterday morning.

In Cook County, IL, law enforcement folks are quite chuffed with themselves on how they've 'revamped' their eviction practices.

Why? Well... Let's say you're a renter. Let's say your landlord/property owner can't make the payments on the apartment or house that you're renting, and the thing goes into foreclosure. And let's say the landlord/property owner has kept you in the dark about this, and that the building goes into foreclosure and you don't know about it until the sheriff's dept comes pounding on the door to throw you out.

This means you'll be kicked to the curb, with all of your belongings, and if you don't have a place to go that is just too f*cking bad.

Can you all imagine just how many voters that leaves homeless, and scrambling to find a new address? At the back of my mind, reading the original post on the GOP being desperate to eliminate voters, this was bubbling along but I wasn't putting two and two together.

If you're a propertarian and can afford your digs, they want you.

If you're a renter and completely subject to the ability or inability of your landlord to remain solvent, f*ck off.

Oh, so what's this great revolutionary change that they've made to eviction procedure in Cook County? you may well ask.

Renters get a whole seven days' notice before they're put out on the street. Which is to say, they have seven days to let the courts know they're living in the unit or house that they're renting on the foreclosed property.

It saddens me that this is an 'improvement', but hell, better than nothing. Something that occurs to me very belatedly is that the class war is so deeply embedded we seldom see it until it is glaring us in the face. If you're on a lease, they give you 'up to 120 days' to find housing. If you're renting month-to-month, it's 30 days. This is assuming that your landlord was not completely crooked and you were residing there legally. Having lived in two apartments myself where absolutely nothing was above-board and legal (I learned this upon moving out, both times), this is a bit horrifying.

Anyway, have a listen to the original story here.

Sara the Renter

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