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Thursday, September 25

Jack Cafferty on canceling the debates

I like this guy at CNN (probably the only sane commentator):

Cafferty asked (regarding the president): "Is he going to warn us about all the dire consequences if they don't do this the way he warned us about all the dire consequences if we didn't invade Iraq?
(yes probably)

"With all due respect to the President, he couldn't sell snow in South Africa in the middle of July, I don't think. If this is another, you know, 'give us $700 billion to do with what we want because you should be very afraid that if you don't do it your world will come to an end,' I don't know how well that's going to play. He's done this before--he's done it for eight years. They've used fear to pressure and leverage the Congress and the public into getting whatever they wanted on a whole raft of issues."
(Congress better grow some cajones this time or they aren't going to be re-elected)

"[McCain] hasn't cast a vote in Congress since April," Cafferty balked. "He's not going to be working on the legislation. The debate is scheduled between the two men who want the job of running the country. I don't understand the logic of saying 'let's cancel the debate.' I want to hear what these guys have to say about what they're going to do about the problem that the country has."
(don't expect logic from a loser who just happened to win the primary because everyone else sucked more)
There's more at Raw Story.
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