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Tuesday, September 16

Ike devastation: Holy Mackerel

Reporters are aggravated that the federal government will not allow the press to access those areas hardest hit by hurricane Ike. A satellite photo of Crystal Beach in Bolivar shows that most of the homes have been devastated in that area. There are dozens more photos of the devastation here. Good god, I hope that the people evacuated this area. Bush and Chertoff are frustrated that many people who didn't evacuate certain areas are now pleading for help. (yeah well, that's people for ya.) Holdouts in Galveston are being urged to leave because relief supplies are scarce and there is concern that there will be a health crisis. It could be a month before some areas get their power back.

It appears that folks are also complaining that FEMA didn't do a very good job despite all the time they had to get their acts together. Emergency workers were left hungry and thirsty while water trucks didn't get to their distribution destinations. Now Politicians, FEMA blame each other for relief missteps

I hope that our readers (and everyone else who survived) from those areas will soon be safe and sound.

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