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Tuesday, September 23

FROM THE NEW YORK SUN: Spies Warn That Al Qaeda Aims for October Surprise

First a little background on The New York Sun:

The Sun's political orientation is "right-of-center" - "certainly neoconservative in its views."

The Sun is "known for its pugnacious coverage of Jewish-related issues" in particular, it is "a strong proponent of Israel's right to defend itself."

The paper courted controversy in 2003 with an unsigned February 6 editorial arguing that protestors against the Iraq war should be prosecuted for treason.

According to Scott Sherman, writing in the left-wing magazine The Nation (4/30/07), the Sun is "a broadsheet that injects conservative ideology into the country's most influential philanthropic, intellectual and media hub; a paper whose day-to-day coverage of New York City emphasizes lower taxes, school vouchers and free-market solutions to urban problems; a paper whose elegant culture pages hold their own against the Times in quality and sophistication; a paper that breaks news and crusades on a single issue; a paper that functions as a journalistic SWAT team against individuals and institutions seen as hostile to Israel and Jews; and a paper that unapologetically displays the scalps of its victims."

Kofi Annan's chief of staff at the United Nations, describes the Sun as "a pimple on the backside of American journalism."

Here's the TERRIFYING story.... (McCain said this, McCain did that - yadda yadda yadda)


from our Blog-Mistress, Blondesense Liz, in the comment section she writes:

The story says that "Al Qaeda may launch more overseas operations to influence the presidential elections in November."

I think that Al Qaeda may be an arm of the GOP and the CIA. They scare people into giving up their freedom and choices in the name of safety. It's a perfect ploy for the GOP to further their agenda of keeping Americans afraid and complacent. Al Qaeda won a long time ago and will keep on winning as long as we cower in fear in this country.

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