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Saturday, September 20

Do you think GLOBALIZATION is good or bad? Do you think GLOBALIZATION is another term for NEW WORLD ORDER?

I am really really REALLY trying to put aside my tendencies toward conspiracy theories here folks. After watching the recent Jon Stewart/Tony Blair Interview I felt that maybe, just maybe, the idea of a "global society" might be what we need. We ALL occupy this earth - so let's ALL get along. Mr. Blair sounds most reasonable when he expresses the need for people of ALL faiths to come together. ( I do wonder why he recently picked Catholicism as his religion of choice though.) After watching the interview, I fell asleep - quite peacefully - and had very nice, vivid dreams of a world where we ALL get along.

When I woke up this morning, all of those "conspiracy theories" came rushing back when I picked up the morning paper and read the front page headlines:

The near trillion dollar bailout did manage to get a portion of the front page, but since that's old news, it only got 1/3 of the page while Blair's "VALUING FAITH" took up 2/3 of the page.
Here's the online story (The online headline is worded a bit differently: Tony Blair Assumes New Role As Yale Teacher)

I couldn't just let well enough alone. I found myself searching for Globalization = New World Order and just finished reading a well written, and what I believe a very rational piece on the subject:
Globalization = New World Order = Globalization

In this day and age, globalization is synonymous with New World Order, and we all know what that means, unless you have been living under a rock for the last decade. New World Order means the end of any sort of freedom, right or liberty, it means, in the best conspiracy theory fashion, the end of the world as we know it. You lose your own culture, your own language, your own religion, your own beliefs, your own identity.

Most people still laugh at the idea, I almost do myself, especially after taking such topic as globalization so lightly. I read a few books, and I thought, could it be true, is it possible, or is it just conspiracy theories? But when the new Prime Minister of England, Gordon Brown, makes a first speech after taking power, with no less than 17 references to New World Order and Globalization, I have to wonder, who is he really working for? Consider this:

At times like these, I feel so lost, desperate, that even new elections, new Prime Ministers, new Presidents, do not give me hope. They are all on the same war path, they are all about globalization and New World Order, and ultimately, not many of us really understand what this is all about and where it will lead us.

We can only see the state of the world today, multiple cases of genocide, a nuclear Third World War around the corner, the greatest stock market crash in history awaiting us at the bank; we are all now Americans and our world leader is the American President. It is the End of the World, as my grandfather would say, after blaming it all on the Communists.

Now, I don't even know what a communist is; the concept has been eradicated from my education, as I am from one of the new generations, the ignorant one without a purpose in this world. Not the Baby Boomers Generation, not even Generation X, not even the new youngest generation, Generation Kill. I am from a lost generation in between Generation X and Generation Kill, as I said, a lost meaningless generation without an identity. For a while we were called Generation Y (why), it came after X. As I said, an insignificant and utterly powerless generation. That's mine!

The entire article is well worth a read.

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