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Wednesday, September 17

America. How fucked up are we?

A 10 year old boy from Hilton Head Island was suspended from school when he attempted to use a broken pencil sharpener in school. The sharpener broke at home but he brought it into school anyway and tried to sharpen his pencil with it when the teacher noticed that it looked like a tiny razor blade. The school has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to bringing "weapons" to school.

He was a well behaved boy and a good student, but that didn't stop the teacher from reporting him to the administration who brought in the sheriff and the boy's mom. The boy was reported to be crying. He was suspended from school for 2 days and faces further disciplinary action.

According to the police report, it appeared there was no criminal intent because his pencil appeared to have been recently sharpened. This is the police report

This is the letter that was sent home to parents.
Here is an excerpt:
Though students are allowed to bring pencil sharpeners to school, it was evident that a detached blade could have created a dangerous setting for the student and/or other children.

The student was referred to the principal’s office with the blade. The sheriff’s department responded and documented the incident in a report. The parent was contacted for a conference and took the student home. The student went home with his mother and was suspended for Wednesday, September 10 for inappropriate behavior. The School District’s Office of Student Services was contacted immediately and is working with the family to address the child’s needs.

Yes, the child could have fucking slit his wrists for having to attend a nazi school.

Underlying message to parents: Get viss zee program.

The child's needs? A different school. A new pencil sharpener. A psychiatrist.

The school's needs? To fire every single teacher and administrator.
This is the school

There was nothing in the article about the dangers of pens, pencils, rulers and scissors being allowed in the elementary school. Or fists. Or feet. Maybe they should go back to using chalk boards in that school.

I was just thinking about my first landlord who stabbed his son in the neck with a pencil and almost killed him and my aunt who hospitalized her home health aid by stabbing her with a ball point pen. (she had a bad reaction to her steroid meds and was normally a lovely woman).

The really important question: Will this come up on his permanent record?

This story is screaming to picked up by Southpark.

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