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Wednesday, September 17

2:00 pm DOW is DOWN over 350 points, NASDAQ is DOWN over 90 and GOLD is FINALLY heading back up.......

........up around 85 dollars (whatever that's worth) per ounce. I was hoping MSNBC would shed some light on this but woman who gave birth to Britney Spears is on instead. She's promoting her new book about "difficult times".

So, FINALLY gold is going back up. What took so long?

THANK YOU dear reader "farang". I just received your email regarding the manipulation of the gold and silver markets:

Law of Supply & Demand Is Dead for Gold & Silver

I'm beginning to understand why I'm "not a sophisticated enough investor" to get into the gold market. I've talked to several financial advisors since 2002 -- when gold was trading at $235/ounce -- and they all gave me that same line.

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