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Sunday, August 31

While one of the largest storms of the new century is headed for New Orleans (again), the Republicans are inconvenienced by the timing. Or maybe not.

From Politico:

Storm Scrambles GOP Convention

One of these things is not like the other…

Katrina: Devastation, lack of preparedness, lack of concern, poor rescue planning, tons of rhetoric about help that would never come after the storm.

Gustav: Political attention; Government is preparing; Republican Convention this week; rescue being mobilized; Republican Convention this week; delegates being told to be compassionate; Republican Convention this week; massive media coverage; Republican Photo op extraordinaire!

Now we hear that McCain may give his speech from the disaster zone! Republican Convention this week. Remind you of anyone?

Imagine the concern if the convention already took place or wasn’t scheduled for another week…or it was 2005 instead of a presidential election year.

Gustav: Possible category 5 storm.

Katrina: Once a century type storm.

We’re sure lucky those Republicans told us that Global Warming is a myth.

“Republican officials here are preparing for radical changes to every element of the convention. If the storm is as bad as feared, they will dramatically alter the tone of the speeches, cut way back on the partisan red meat, eliminate the glitzy entertainment and, if they can do so legally, use the gathering for a massive fundraising drive that may even feature a passing of buckets on the convention floor to benefit the Red Cross, according to a top GOP source.

We’ll have to acknowledge that Americans are hurting,” said this Republican.
(emphasis mine)

After the pathetic showing by the Republican Administration concerning Katrina,

There's only one reason New Orleans MAY get help this time...

Republican Convention this week

I need one of those buckets right now. Believe me, I can fill it!


On another note, if you can stomach it, this piece of tripe from Politico:

Republicans Electrified over Palin


Bush is NOT going to the potential disaster zone.
And McCain and Sarah Smile don't have any legal Federal authority to do anything about the storm. So why are they going? Duh! And of course , there's this gem from McCain:

Looks like you may have another steaming pile or two to dislike!

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