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Sunday, August 24

US Party Platforms

In a nutshell, these are various party platforms. Which one(s) would you be inclined to support?

1. This party proposes a comprehensive political reform agenda, including full public financing of elections and free and equal radio and television time for all viable candidates. They support significant lobbying regulation to disclose the extent of political lobbying via "gifts" and contributions.

2. This party supports worker's struggles to organize trade unions and to use and extend union power to defend themselves and other working people from the bosses’ assaults. It calls for the immediate, unconditional withdrawal of U.S. and all “coalition” troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.

3. This party believes that respect for individual rights is the essential precondition for a free and prosperous world, that force and fraud must be banished from human relationships, and that only through freedom can peace and prosperity be realized.

4. This party is for maintaining a balanced budget, campaign finance reform, term limits for US Reps and Senators, and direct election of the president of the US by popular vote. They are opposed to free trade agreements like NAFTA.

5. This party believes that Jesus Christ is the God of this land. They believe that religion is basic to good government. They believe in keeping religion in government, while keeping government out of religion.

6. This party believes in a world class education for every child, supports good jobs with good pay, wants affordable quality health care coverage for all Americans and to restore fairness to the tax code. It wants to win the war in Afghanistan, to end war in Iraq, defeat al Qaida, secure our homeland, expand armed forces and prevent Iran from acquiring nukes.

7. This party doesn't seem to have a platform for 2008 yet, but they are anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage, promote abstinence only education, promote a 'culture of life' and support the environment through initiatives like "clear skies". They believe in lower taxes. Their platform 4 years ago was to win the war on terror, usher in an ownership era, build a global economy, strengthen our communities and protect our families.

h/t to farang for helping me get this information together.

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