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Wednesday, August 20

Surprising in a post 9-11 world

A new controversial billboard is going up in Massachusetts today. It says, "We Sell Guns! No ID required. No background checks. Criminals and terrorists welcome!"

But an area gun-rights advocate said the billboard's point is moot in Massachusetts, where there are very few gun shows, and restrictive gun laws require licensing and registration for all gun buyers. No one can buy a gun in Massachusetts without undergoing a background check.
I learned from the article that the FBI destroys most records of gun purchases after 24 hours. This surprises me in the post 9-11 world we now live in. I can't bring a large tube of toothpaste in my carry-on luggage when I travel, but if were on the terrorist watch list and couldn't get on a plane, I can still buy an untraceable gun at a gun show in 32 states. hmmm. I'd have to register my dog, my car, my boat...

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