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Monday, August 18

"Slithering Slutbucket Bails Out Rich, Cornholes Poor"

Nah, that ain't the MSM headline. That can be found at "Bernanke Tries to Define What Institutions Fed Could Let Fail".
Uh, Ben Baby, every institution has failed; every individual has failed or will be.
You've done your and others' work well.
Your job was to bankrupt the country and the great majority of its citizens, wasn't it?
"Well done, thou good and faithful bungtongueboy."

"A shadow has lain upon their land;
whisp'ring despair, that spiteful hand.
Cometh nigh th' time, reckoning's bells;
the traveler toils before he tells.
Frail avenger of vile wrong:
know they now your quit—th' crown for a song?
A promise uttered, soon they will keep,
with ruin they've sewn, th' harvest they reap."
-- The Dark Wraith

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