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Saturday, August 30

Sarah Plain and Tall

Sarah......It's plain and simple

From Thinkprogress

Among other things, she supports drilling in Alaska, with limits, she’s pro-life and she’s a fiscal conservative. … Plus, Palin’s an interesting character: a former beauty queen, she was a star high school basketball player (she was known as “Sarah Barracuda” for her intense play). Palin married her childhood sweetheart, a blue collar oil field worker (who is on leave, so as not to create a conflict of interest). She hunts, she fishes, and earlier this year, she posed for Vogue.

IMHO, this was in the bag months ago folks.

We're all asking ourselves - WTF? I hear he only met her once........ No Experience..........

It's McCain's Hail Mary Pass............

Nothing to try to figure out here. Yes Andrea Mitchell - this is "a very calculated strategic decision"

"They" have been working on this strategy for months.

This is an interesting post from a blogger at the Daily Paul in Sept. 07

Sarah Palin Would Be Best VP For Ron Paul

here is a recent comment from that post:

When Palin was a Mayor of a small city of 6000, she spent 16 millions of the states funds on building a Ice Rink that was never completed; when it should of cost 2 million.
She came out of nowhere and became Governor. She approved the biggest budget in the history of the state; 2 billion dollars more costly then the last one.
She supported the bridge to nowhere before it came to the national spotlight and then flip flopped on it to keep her name.
She supported giving 600 million dollars to a State Run Diary Farm and then took it over and ran it to the ground.
Is there anything less to expect from the Governor of the most socialist state in the USA?
Every Alaskan receives 1000 dollars a year for just existing; money made from oil revenues. Straight from the goverment.
Her husband works for BP; and she has forwarded him all her emails while she was governor; going over laws and proposals to do what is best for Big Oil.
Fascism today comes to america not wrapped in a flag; but in a dress.
A empty dress; with 2 years of local experience; no national experience.
A couple weeks ago Palin said on the notion of being VP: "I can't decide whether or not im ready for the job until someone tells me exactly what it is a VP does. I don't really know; at least I hope i can help advance my state and put Alaska ahead of everything else."
When asked about the Iraq war a mere 2 months ago. She said, "I haven't really thought anything about the Iraq War; actually I know nothing; I Haven't really followed it..."

McCain knows nothing about economic matters and she knows nothing about the war in Iraq.

Pretty much sums up what the general population of the US knows also.......

You - lying so low in the weeds
I bet you gonna ambush me
You'd have me down down down

down on my knees

Now wouldn't you.........



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