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Wednesday, August 13

NPR has Obama's and McCain's Top Ten song List

You can listen and view the song lists here

and here is a post from ChubbyChaser at Comedy Central's indecision 2008 blog

Just like the last one and the one before that, this election is definitely the single most important election in the history of America's history. So, it's important to weigh the facts and really listen to the candidates' positions on...

What's that, voice inside my head? Obama now released his own celeb attack ad? Fuck it. I’m basing all my decisions on superficial reasons.

And with that I segway at two miles an hour into Blender magazine's announcement that Obama and McCain will list their top ten songs in the September issue. I'm not sure when candidates started taking campaign advice from High Fidelity, but the choices sure say a lot about the candidates. Or about as much as anything else in this stupid election.

Here are a few facts I filtered from the song choices...

* Two ABBA songs land on McCain's list, so I can only assume that he loves everything else Swedish. You heard it here first, McCain loves lutfisk and international neutrality.

* Topping Obama's list is The Fugees with "Ready or Not." The Fugees, like Reverend Wright and Ludacris, are obvious radicals and this is further proof (as if we needed it) that Obama is a radical. Obama should stick to listening to boring white people music, like…

* Frank Sinatra was a top pick for both candidates. Obama went with, "You'd Be So Easy to Love." I think we should jump to the conclusion that Obama thinks the song is about him. Can you believe what an elitist this guy is?

* McCain went with Sinatra's "I've Got You Under My Skin." The song is personal for McCain as he thinks it's referencing psoriasis.

* Neither candidate picked God Bless America as their top song, proving once and for all that they both hate America.

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