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Thursday, August 21

Not trying to spook anybody...

...but 7 of the 10 current "Recently Added" headlines at SOTT have to do with "Health & Wellness:"

Scotland: Outbreak of superbug C difficile closes hospital ward Health & Wellness
♥3 Salmonella outbreak spreads to Sweden and France Health & Wellness
♥2 Rare Salmonella Outbreak Spreads to Wales Health & Wellness
♥2 US: Lab Tests May Show Cause of Legionnaires' Outbreak Health & Wellness
♥3 U.K. justice agency lost 45,000 personal records in past fiscal year UK & Euro-Asian News
♥3 Iranian road accident kills 30 Afghan migrants Middle East Madness
♥4 New Study Shows False Memories Affect Behavior Health & Wellness
♥3 Oops, it happened again: Home Office loses confidential data on all UK prisoners UK & Euro-Asian News
♥2 Finland salmonella outbreak may have Kildare plant links Health & Wellness
♥2 US: ICON opposes relocation of Plum Island research lab Health & Wellness

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