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Thursday, August 21

More douchebaggery by the GOP

I noticed in the DIGG articles on the side bar that the assertion that proper tire inflation in your car in order to get improved fuel efficiency is still an issue in GOP politics. I suppose that no Republicans ever worked in the car industry because it's a well known fact among car people that proper inflation does save gas. If you want better gas mileage and don't mind a bumpy ride you can over-inflate your tires for long trips. Not only that, it's a good idea to replace your air filter yearly or clean it out for more fuel efficiency. It boggles the mind that there is even a discussion about this.

You would think that all those blow hard gas bag politicians would be on board with the suggestion that all Americans check their tire pressure especially while gasoline is expensive. One blow hard gas bag, Newt Gingrich was on Hannity asserting that filling your tires with air benefits big oil because you have to pay for it, not realizing that it's the gas station owners who make money at the air pumps if they have one of those machines that takes money. And it is not like you have to check your tires every single time you fill up your car. What a tool Gingrich is. It's really no wonder that people who watch Faux News are so ill informed about almost every aspect of life in general.

PS. It's a good idea to use a tire gauge because sometimes the air machines at some gas stations don't work properly and you may be letting air out of your tires. You can also save money if you check different stations to see who offers free air.

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