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Saturday, August 30

"Integrity Bank Becomes 10th U.S. Failure This Year (Update2)"

Blogmistress Liz, should we replace the "Obligatory Friday Sex Post" with the "Obligatory Friday Bank Failure Post?" Seems they always save these announcements for Friday:

"Integrity Bank of Alpharetta, Georgia, was closed by U.S. regulators today, the 10th bank to collapse this year amid a surge in soured real-estate loans stemming from the worst housing slump since the Great Depression."

Entire article at

And here once again is the page that lists all the General Implodes, FDIC Failed Banks, Failed Credit Unions, Credit Union Conservatorships, and banks and investment houses under Writedown Rundown & General Distress (entitled appropriately enough "The Bank Implode-O-Meter").

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