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Tuesday, August 26

I'm tired...

I’m tired of saving the environment for John and Cindy McCain!
I’m tired of:

…an asshole running for president telling me that we need to be more responsible when his current big decision is which house he’ll live in THIS week.
…driving a car the size of a golf cart that gets 35 mpg so John McCain can use the extra gas I save to be chauffeured in nine 6 mpg gas sucking SUVs to get a cup of coffee at a Starbucks nine miles from one of his 800 homes.
…replacing my heat producing, incandescent bulbs with new green CFLs so Cindy the C can light her dog house for her gawd damned French Poodle.
…the inconvenience of using paper bags that get soggy wet and let items fall through if the humidity goes over 10% while the McCain’s groceries are delivered in specially designed Gucci mylar bags imprinted with “I was a POW”.
…having to recycle and spend the extra time separating my glass and plastic and metal and garbage then putting it in separate containers so it can sit by the curb for a week , stinking and waiting for pickup while John McCain throws his shit in the Grand Canyon.
…saving water with devices that restrict the flow in my shower to a trickle while John McCain has 200 Jacuzzis in 50 houses.
…turning off extra lighting when I’m not in the room to save electricity so Cindy the C can use one of her 56 hair dryers so she can blow dry her bleached hair instead of the pathetic excuse that she lets live with her.
…letting my lawn turn brown to save water while John McCain builds extra swimming pools for his extra houses.
…clipping coupons to buy generic food while the McCain’s enjoy prime rib and lobster and Cindy the C can have caviar snacks while watching “Desperate Housewives” and QVC.
…sweltering during the summer because I can only afford K-Mart fans instead of expensive whole house air conditioning like the McCain’s.
…freezing in the winter to save natural gas for Johnny-Boy McCain so Cindy the C’s nipples won’t poke through her $3500 suits.
…paying $36 for license plates for my car when Johnny-Boy McCain gets free POW plates for his 25 cars.
…paying through the nose for MY healthcare so Rush Limbaugh can abuse oxycontin and Cindy the C’s poor wrist can get the proper rehabilitation so she can do the “jerk” every couple of months (whether he needs it or not).
…paying atrocious taxes so that Senators like John McCain can take extended junkets to find ways to save money then implement expensive studies to see if what they found was feasible!
…paying for the special treatment CEOs and John McCain’s close S&L friends received when they got caught doing illegal things.
…having to sift through the internets to find the truth about what’s happening in the world while the MSM manipulates the news and reminds me daily that John McCain was a POW.
…having to go to a John Tesch Concert because I can’t afford to sit with John and Cindy the C McCain at an ABBA Concert…well, ok, maybe not that one.
…hearing from assholes on TV that I have to become more ecologically conscious when John McCain’s business buddies, especially oil companies level forests, pollute streams and the air then buy commercial time to tell me they’re concerned about the environment.
…John McCain’s religious asshole friends telling me I have to be righteous and obey their GAWD and their bible while they abuse children, commit adultery, take money from those they profess to be helping and blame others for what they do yet forgive John McCain for cheating on his wife (because he was a POW).
…being tired of these and hundreds of other things that the John and Cindy the C McCain’s of America don’t give one damn about.

But I’m not tired enough to stay home in November. And I not tired enough to make sure John and Cindy the C McCain don’t add one more residence to their stable that I help support.

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