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Sunday, August 31

I'm Just Saying...

Back around the end of July and early August, a nut from Focus on the Family released a video calling for people to pray for rain of biblical proportions to disrupt Barack Obama's acceptance speech at the DNC. He felt that the rain would prove that God is pro-life and believes that a marriage should consist of one man and one woman. The video was removed from the website after complaints. The man said that he was half kidding anyway. And as we all know, the weather in Denver was just fine and god really doesn't listen to people's prayers (or he has a wicked sense of humor).

I don't know, but isn't it ironic that Hurricane Gustav is pummeling towards the Gulf Coast just when the RNC is about to begin? The media is more focused on the storm than the convention although I have read that McCain may give his acceptance speech on a site of future devastation which may or may not be a good move on his part. At least the government will be on top of this hurricane.

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