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Wednesday, August 13

I don't think I'll be protesting in Colorado this month

So there I was reading the Rocky Mountain News and happened upon the comments after a few articles. Wow. And you thought liberals were mean?

Denver has its very own Gitmo facility ready for DNC protesters with a sign on the wall that reads "Warning, electric stun devices used in this facility." The bare bones facility which has been described as a concentration camp and is "in a warehouse northeast of Denver, contains dozens of metal cages made of chain-link fence material, topped by rolls of barbed wire." Nice. I don't plan to be there. Protesters never make the news in this country. The commenters seem very pleased with the mini Gitmo in their city. Just guess what I'm thinking but won't write.

See also the comments regarding snow in August in areas above 10,000 feet and those after the story about Focus on the Freaks, I mean Family who took down a video from their website that had some doofus calling on people to pray for rain in biblical proportions on the night of Obama's acceptance speech at the DNC. It's childish. I'd pray for something meaner and more damaging since I'm not a christian anymore.

Come to think of it, one of the reasons I am not a christian anymore is because they turned out to be so goddammed mean. You never hear a peep from the nice ones.

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