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Wednesday, August 13

I don't know what to blog about anymore

Does anyone want my job? Maybe it's because summer is almost over and the days will be getting shorterand colder. I ought to move closer to the equator.

Did anyone watch the Olympics last night?

The Chinese gymnastic team was amazing and made the American girls look like giants. I have to take issue with the Chinese though because their gymnasts looked like they were aged 8-11. There is supposedly an age minimum of 16. I didn't believe it. The blue eyeshadow on the Chinese girls didn't help make them look any older. But still, they made gymnastics look effortless. The American girls got the silver and that's nothing to slouch at.

Can you imagine being Michael Phelps? I can't even begin to fathom being so absofuckinglutely fabulous at what I do that no one could beat me. Amazing. I'd love to have an iota of his confidence and concentration.

Did you notice that you can barely tell a female swimmer from a male swimmer when they are wearing their racing gear. I do feel like hitting the town pool for the next few weeks just to swim some laps. Probably will give myself a heart attack.

I liked the pairs diving. Pretty amazing how they can have all that control when plummeting into a pool... and two people doing it simultaneously.

Why do the female beach volleyball players wear bikinis and the males are all covered up? What's with those baggy shirts and shorts in male sports?

I read that the Chinese have to import spectators just to fill seats. How did that ever happen? Turns out that corporations give out tickets to people at the last minute or tickets for an event are for the whole day and not all spectators want to sit at the same event for a whole day- not even female beach volleyball.

What to blog about? I don't know anymore. I can't trust the MSM to give me the straight poop on anything in the news and don't even know what to say about the war in Georgia anymore. It appears we have been lied to again. The John Edwards' thing is played out unless you're a Republican and think this matters. He was just as stupid and clueless as any other ego-maniacal candidate. How can you really trust anyone to lead the country when in fact they want to lead the country. That should be the first clue as to who NOT to pick to lead the country, if you get my blonde logic. The race for president is depressing as are the negative ads. I'm not thrilled with Obama at all, but he ought to get out there swinging and play the game because if McCain wins I shall give up all hope for my country. I hope and pray that Americans are not as stupid as they were 4 years ago, but I've lost faith in everything except Michael Phelps.

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