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Sunday, August 10

Hysteria Alert! Spotting Terrorists

The DHS wants your help spotting terrorists in Las Vegas.

  • The seven signs of terror are:
  • 1. Surveillance -- watch out for people standing around surveying or taking video or pictures.
  • 2. Information gathering -- be on the lookout for people requesting maps of blue prints of buildings.
  • 3. Testing security -- terrorists may watch to see how long it takes emergency responders to get to a scene.
  • 4. Planning
  • 5. Suspicious behavior
  • 6. Rehearsal -- terrorists may rehearse for the attack over and over so look out for that
  • 7. Watch for people getting into positions that may not seem normal.
  • The DVD, "The Seven Signs of Terrorism" will be used throughout the state. Officials are making 20,000 copies in English and Spanish. You can watch it here. [Good God, I feel like I'm living in the 1950's again.]
What no racial profiling to add to the hysteria?

h/t SOTT

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