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Thursday, August 28

Hartford Courant Front Page today - "Nader Still Follows Cameras, Proudly Offers Alternative" by Jesse A. Hamilton (Wash. Bureau Chief)

yes he shared the Front Page with "Obama Takes Place in History", but still - equal billing under the headline. Ralph had the right side and Barack had the Left side from Combined Wire Services - "First Black Nominee Of Major Party Joins With Biden To Rally Democrats".

Ralph Nader is absolutely unapologetic

He sees nothing to regret about the super-close 2000 election in which his candidacy drew votes that might otherwise have gone to Democrat Al Gore.

If the same happens in November to Barack Obama, that's just one more electoral incident for which the Connecticut native won't issue an apology. If Democratic politicians want to push him aside, he argues, then they are welcome to borrow some of his "progressive populist" ideas. In his view, a vote belongs to no one until it's earned.

The veteran presidential candidate is used to the blame and doesn't flinch when it's mentioned over and over in his interviews. "It's a very ugly syndrome in Democratic politics, because it's a scapegoat syndrome," he said Wednesday. Anyway, he insists, the win was stolen from Gore in the Florida vote tally.

"If the Democrats don't get over this, they will never look themselves in the mirror and say, 'Oh me, oh my, why isn't our party landsliding the worst Republicans in the history of the Republican Party?'"

Nader is in Denver this week for the "corporate-saturated Democratic National Convention." He hosted a Wednesday night rally, taking his own stage about an hour after the Democratic choice for vice president, Sen. Joe Biden, stepped in front of the Pepsi Center thousands.

Nader's chief thrust right now is trying to get himself in the presidential debates.

Can you just imagine how exciting those debates would be if he gets to go???? He would stir things up like nothing we've ever seen before. Good Luck Ralph!

......His criticisms of the Democratic Party were far stronger, however, when addressing those who came to hear him at the University of Denver arena Wednesday night.

"This party is sick," he told the 4,000 mostly college-age people. "It's decaying. It's lost its soul. ... They never talk about the poor. They talk about the middle class." Nader brought up the "bottom 100 million" people in the country, saying they do the heavy lifting and "service us in all kinds of ways while they are underpaid, while they are overcharged."

The candidate shouted, "It's our job to sweep the rascals out of the political forums who have corrupted our country!"

Nader argued for the inclusion of third-party candidates. "Dissent is the mother of ascent," he said, to cheers. "Almost everything we like about our country started with minority dissenters."

Nader concluded his words at the University of Denver Wednesday night with his own civic lesson, goading his young audience, particularly those who don't vote:

"If only you knew the power you have at this young age," he said. "Chuck the iPod once in a while. Stop listening to non-stop music, which is blowing out your mind. And get serious.

"Read the grim lesson of history, here and abroad. When people do not turn on to politics, politics will turn on them."

Thank you Ralph.

Keep on keepin' on........

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