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Monday, August 25

A couple of notes on the (yawn) A-lympics

For the first time, I didn’t watch any Olympic coverage. My apologies to the late Jim McKay. Not because I’m not patriotic, although Gawd only knows if you didn’t watch, how you can possibly be a flag-waving Amurikan is tantamount to not watching WWE or baseball or, gawrsch, NASCAR?

No, I didn’t watch any Olympic coverage because NBC, China, the IOC and the pretend, feel good bullshit camaraderie, “Hey, we’re all citizens of the world” (but only for these 2 weeks) thing sucks more than all the Hoovers ever turned on at once.

The hypocrisy of this Chinese propaganda event, more than others, was thick enough serve with chopsticks. Here is a country that doesn’t believe in human rights for its own people let alone others around the world; a country that may in the future make Stalin’s Russia look like a humanitarian effort; a country that takes its cue from the likes of Amin, Mugabe, Milošević or Saddam Hussein and in a sad way Bush, and betters them and we fawn all over them and their demands so that American Business can make money. Athletic competition is an incomprehensibly distant second.

We had a chance to show the world we don’t agree with or support the atrocities China commits. NBC had a forum that could have exposed a murderous, oppressive regime. Would NBC do that? Of course not! There’s no money in the truth! We’d have been stuck with reruns of “My Mother the Car.” Instead, NBC and the world’s press showed us a vision of the future, albeit one straight out of the new Chinese Land of Oz, produced and approved by the People’s Propaganda Republic and spoon fed to the rest of the world.  

Why not tell the world what China really does? Well, for starters, the terrorists of the world united for two weeks and had to be appeased with money. Oh, not the Taliban or al-Qaeda or the Russian Mafia. The real terrorists were the world’s businesses. Corporations that put money ahead of reality so long as that reality doesn’t impinge on the bottom line. I wonder why the NRA or Smith and Wesson don’t sponsor the war in Afghanistan or Exxon/Mobile or NASCAR the surge in Iraq? (That would make for big ratings among the Rednecks and Chickenhawks!) Who cares about human rights when American Business can sell shoes made in sweatshops by 9 year olds or allow Chinese pirated CDs to be sold in America while you prosecute mothers from the heartland for downloading music or allow Wal-Mart (China-east) the largest uncaring American retailer to import and sell lead tainted toys or allow government departments to ignore contaminated pet food or toothpaste so businesses can make higher profits?

So what if an independent country is invaded and its people tortured and killed then a specious claim can be made that it belonged to China? We know China had no legitimate right to what it did, but if China prints enough money for American Business, everything’s just fine.
In American Football parlance it's called "The Prevent Defense" because it prevents this case we won't defend our ideals if it means losing money.

Threaten to write about the torture and killing China commits in a country that dares to resist aggression and the rest of the corporate world might not get access to the financial farce they so wish to cover.

Threaten to write about the massive Beijing pollution and resultant health problems it creates that the Chinese care not one bit about and reporters are expelled.

Write about inhumane Chinese treatment of dissidents and internet coverage is restricted or abolished.
Even attempting to photograph anything that makes China look bad will result in possible financial loss for American Business, advertisers and NBC.

If ever there was an example of how and why money was more important than human existence and American Freedom of Speech, these Chinese Olympics and NBC showed it well. America may have ideal morals but its businesses don’t.  

One particular thing stood out more was the incredible hubris of our two parties representing the American political system. 11 million dollars to China (through NBC) to buy political ad time to show the TV entranced American Sheep (I doubt the politics went beyond NBC) that either candidate somehow represents a solution to the very thing they were shilling was indescribable.

Imagine! An American minority, and all that entails, running for president and paying for advertising an event for a country that thrives on oppression and denial of human rights while trying to convince the American public that he will act differently than his predecessor!
Imagine! An American ex-soldier, horribly mistreated by Chinese puppets, then paying and complimenting these puppets so he can tell us that the world must live and let live…or else, but that his opponent doesn’t understand the world situation!

Hypocrisy…hubris…balls? Did we miss the irony here?

To go to China and advertise for the “One World, One Dream” travesty in the sole interest of financial gain, NBC might as well have scheduled Viagra commercials during their “To Catch a Predator” series.

What did I miss by not watching? A man swimming his way to a record number of Gold Plated lead medals which will ultimately result in his becoming a millionaire, allowing other American Businesses to raise prices to pay for his leaded trophies; an American Soccer Team that will be more forgotten names in a few short months if not weeks; a relay team that botched another attempt at fame; a multi-million dollar payroll basketball team that epitomized athletic boredom in China just as it does here (but somehow pretends to make us proud) and a slew of commercials that will definitely result in higher prices for the products they advertised (to cover the costs they paid to China, NBC and others).

On the other hand, I did see some classic Match Game replays on GSN, got caught up on grass cutting, patriotically drank one Belgian owned Bud with a healthy Great American McDonald’s Happy Meal and saved a few cents (and ant-acid money) by turning off the TV for the most part. Is that un-American? Probably by today’s Neo-Republican standards.

One interesting note was given me by an old conspiratorial friend. I’m not into numerology or fortune-telling but the Chinese used 8/8/08 for some kind of good luck thing. If these Olympics were good luck for China or the world, I wonder how 12/21/12 will be? Kind of a shame the 2012 Olympics aren’t being held in Mexico, eh?!

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