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Monday, July 28

Weekend recap

I went to an artist retreat this past weekend. It was thoroughly enjoyable until a whole bunch of women started complaining about the elections and Obama. I generally expect artists to be more progressive and open minded, but I was unpleasantly surprised at the overall conversations at this retreat when it came to social issues. I should have walked away and stuck to my creations. But no.

I didn't hear a peep against McCain and his attempts to vote away women's reproductive rights. Now I am not one to vocally support one candidate or another, but what Obama criticisms I heard were completely off the mark. "He's too liberal." "He wants to take our guns away." "He doesn't support Israel enough." "He wants to shred our constitution." And these were New Englanders mind you. Naturally, I gave them a list of reasons why Obama and McCain were both lousy for the country and gave a lecture on the first amendment which was something they should all be thinking about. But it all boiled down to gun rights in the end. People are so afraid. But of the wrong things. I should have told them that the aliens were coming.

I sound like a broken record around here, but I just want to crawl in my bed and wait until it's all over.

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