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Tuesday, July 22

remember Yugoslavia?

It was 'Communism Lite' there. It was a traveling destination. The history was fascinating, and it was the gateway to the Balkans. Yeah, it was a powder keg for eons. Churchill was known to have muttered that there'd be 'some damned thing in the Balkans', and then we had WWI. (I tried to find that quote and it's context, and could not find it, btw. But there's a collection of his quotes and stories here.)

And there was the 1984 olympics in Sarajevo.

And then all of that changed in the early 1990s.

Karadjic has finally been caught. Well, the wind finally blew in such a direction that it was time to catch him, you might say. Story I saw at the Beeb last night. Story about his hiding in plain site in Belgrade.

Over a decade and one of the world's most wanted war criminals is being brought to justice.

I wonder how long our plant in chief and his cronies will be on the run.

Mladic is still on the run.

Anyone taking any bets on McSame not knowing where Serbia is?

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