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Thursday, July 24

Novakula hits pedestrian

I think it's time for 77 year old "journalist" and tv pundit Robert "Novakula" Novak to have his license revoked. He hit a pedestrian on K Street in DC with his black convertible penis extender (sometimes called a Corvette when driven by a younger person) and apparently didn't notice. A cyclist stopped him about a block later to inform him harshly that you can't just hit someone and drive away. A sixty something year old man was taken to the hospital with supposedly minor injuries (but I read somewhere that he was hurt pretty badly). A policeman was called and cited Novakula $50 for the hit and run and let go. The witness couldn't believe that Novakula didn't notice that he had hit a pedestrian since the victim was splayed out over the hood of the penile extension. (How can you not see someone on your windshield?)

Watching this video of Novakula being interviewed by the press shortly afterward made me think that perhaps he had been drinking or maybe he always slurs like that. That and the fact that he didn't notice a person splayed across his windshield. Someone ought to cite the cop too.


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