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Tuesday, July 29

McCain- Gag me with a spoon

It was all over CNN last night ad nauseum.

John McCain had a little piece of skin removed from his right cheek to be biopsied. He said that everything is going to be okay, but they had pundits upon pundits discussing what would happen if it was cancer and what would happen if it wasn't cancer. Dr. Sanjay Gupta was there to throw in his 2 cents. I almost threw up. Why not wait until the biopsy comes back to discuss it? Is there no other news happening on earth?

Since the news is so superficial.... Why not discuss that his wife looks like a floozie and how a good haircut could be the answer to that? They could put up graphic representations of how she'd look with a precision cut more appropriate her her age. I noticed her unruly hair when they kept showing her with him over and over and over again. She's too mature for that look.

Why not discuss all his gaffes and his dismal voting record towards women?

Gawd I hate the media.

UPDATE: McCain is cancer free. After all that punditry for nothing.

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