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Tuesday, July 15

The Lovecats - Katie Melua and Jamie Cullum

My cats were VERY VERY VOCAL this morning. Something must be coming up? Oh yeah - must have been that furry, wet hairball I stepped in when I got out of bed. Not a very pleasant way to start the day. Couldn't help but think of that tune "The Lovecats" whilst rinsing my foot. Remember that song?

"The Lovecats" is the name of a 1983 single by The Cure.

Unlike most of The Cure's famous singles, "The Lovecats" is rarely performed live, due to the complexity of the song and the difficulty in recreating some sounds from it.

Well, forgot those sounds and watch Katie Melua & Jamie Cullum's LIVE performance at the 2004 Brit Awards.

LOL while you watch and Listen to the Cure

You should hear the sounds coming out of Large Marge right now!! OMG I just stepped on her tail (by accident) while she was eating her breakfast. I obviously scared the poor thing and a piece must have gone down the wrong pipe. I had no idea cats could make sounds like this.

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