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Tuesday, July 29

LA to Ban Fast Food for Poor People. For their own good, of course.

The City Council of Los Angeles voted unanimously to put the poorer areas on a diet so they want to ban fast food restaurants for one year to hopefully attract restaurants that serve healthy food to poorer areas. I know... it doesn't make sense.

TSA ramps up program to psychologically screen airline passengers
If you have ever used a NY area airport, you just fell on the floor laughing. The TSA in NY doesn't understand English so every passenger would seem irate enough to blow up the place. I doubt this program is being used in NY.

Senator "Series of tubes" Stevens of Alaska has been indicted on 7 charges and will most likely have to give up his seat on the Senate Commerce Committee (thank god).

My favorite question asked by Monica Goodling to prospective candidates at the DOJ:
"What is it about George Bush that makes you want to serve him?"
Can you imagine that employees of the DOJ had to answer that question properly in order to get the job? How can there be any justice in Murka with shit like this going on?

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