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Thursday, July 17

Just another reason to reject McCain

Oh brother....

GOP Brags That McCain Will Continue Bush's Economic Legacy
by Dave Sirota at Huffpo

excerpt: When called onto the carpet for wanting to continue the policies of the most unpopular president in history, Republicans start running for cover to the point of claiming they never said what they just said. The denial is a tacit acknowledgment of the power of the populist uprising now boiling throughout the country. The GOP knows the country is very angry at conservatives' free market fundamentalism -- and so will deny and obfuscate to pretend they aren't championing such fundamentalism.
Comment: Whiney Americans might remember early 2001 when the president had nothing to say about the economy except that we were in a recession, a recession he inherited, I might add. Things at that time weren't all that bad unless you were still reeling from the downfall of the internet superhighway ride of the late 90's when internet startups were selling wind and anyone with half a brain could see that it couldn't last. That didn't affect most Americans though.

This time, when most Americans are feeling the recession, we are told that it's all good. All I can say is F*ck 'em and the horse they rode in on.

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