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Thursday, July 17

"Gee I Wonder Why They Haven't Caught the Anthrax Attacker,"

she said sarcastically seven years after the anthrax attacks of 2001.

Raw Story: Seven years on, no answer from White House on anthrax attacks

Reminds me of a slow bluesy-jazzy song I wrote on November 2, 2001

I'm So Sick Of Anthrax

Won't you kiss me again? Take my mind of CNN
Hold me in your arms. I wont do you any harm

Baby turn off the tv, I don't care if it's CNBC
There's a monkey on our backs... And I'm so sick of Anthrax.

We won't open our mail, nasty spores we won't inhale
Baby turn off the tv, No more MSNBC

Fox News has gotten stale, Forget about the rooms of mail.
Baby turn the tv off, Forget about your nagging cough.

Remember I'm your friend, and if this is really the end
Let's get that monkey off our backs, I'm so sick of anthrax

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