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Thursday, July 24

EVERY NIGHT I thank our Goddess above for Stewart and Colbert

July 23rd:

Headlines - Novak's Hit-and-Run
The only difference between Robert Novak's hit-and-run and his career is that this time someone stopped him.

Obama Quest - The Holy Land
Barack Obama holds a press conference at the Temple of Hercules, while John McCain is on his own quest for attention in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

Osama or Obama
With all the attention Barack Obama is receiving, perhaps it is time the media realizes his name is Barack Obama.

On to Colbert...

How Bad Is Our Economy? Stephen gives you his two cents, which used to be a dollar.

The "Save Our Starbucks" campaign is the kind of grass-roots activism Stephen likes -- the kind that helps sprawling corporate behemoths.


The Word - Join the European Union
If the European Union doesn't let us in, we'll sue them for geographic discrimination.


the colorofchange petition (rapper Nas) segment was beyond hysterical :

Nas responds to Bill O'Reilly like the gangsta that he is -- with a petition.

In Stephen's words: Fox.....a propaganda pez dispenser

Here's the Nas Interview:

and here is Nas performing "Sly Fox" off his new Untitled album

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