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Wednesday, July 30

Did you know?

M ________ is the most expensive city on earth to live.
2) Has more billionaires living there than any other city.
3) Has a currency that has gained 8% since January against the US Dollar.

NY City which is the most expensive city in the US fell from #15 to #22 thanks to the dollar drop. Los Angeles fell to number #55 making it cheaper than Lagos, Nigeria and Almaty, Kazakhstan.

h/t farang who also added, "I can "tell ya a little story" you might find "interesting" about Putin stating (prior to 9/11/01) that he was going to sucker the Americans into invading/occupying Afghanistan, and run our military and economy and CURRENCY into the ground, JUST LIKE the US did to Russia when Reagan was in office and Moscow occupied Afghanistan.....think it might be working???

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