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Wednesday, July 16

Christians, Muslims and Jews......OH MY! saudi king calls for religious reconciliation

By Paul Haven

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia exhorted followers of the world's leading faiths to turn away from extremism and embrace a spirit of reconciliation, saying at the start of an interfaith conference Wednesday that history's great conflicts were not caused by religion itself but by its misinterpretation.

"My brothers, we must tell the world that differences don't need to lead to disputes," Abdullah said, speaking through a Spanish interpreter. "The tragedies we have experienced throughout history were not the fault of religion but because of the extremism that has been adopted by some followers of all the religions, and of all political systems."


What a great idea!!!!
Gee, I'm surprised no one has mentioned this before........

I wish somebody would suggest we all try to get along OUTSIDE of religious beliefs. I think that might work better.

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