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Friday, July 18

Chertoff: Europeans are out to get us now

WASHINGTON - European terrorists are trying to enter the United States with European Union passports, and there is no guarantee officials will catch them every time, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said Thursday.
"The terrorists are deliberately focusing on people who have legitimate Western European passports, who don't appear to have records as terrorists," Chertoff told lawmakers. "I have a good degree of confidence we can catch people coming in. But I have to tell you ... there's no guarantee. And they are working very hard to slip by us."

Chertoff also dismissed the rumor that he may be a running mate for John McCain. Could this just be a ploy to take our attention away from some real news story? What or whom do we have to thank for this fear-fest? I'm sure that you're all just terrified as I am. heh Europeans come in all shapes, colors and sizes... so I guess we should just be askeered of anyone who has a foreign accent. And gosh, I miss the color coded terror alert bars. Remember the Sesame Street one? I do. It's nice to put a happy cartoon face on terror.

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