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Thursday, July 24

BlondeSense Is Throwing A Wedding! Sort Of!

-Peter of Lone Tree's Ship Has Come In-

Breaking News

San Francisco, CA Reliable sources including the beautiful bride-to-be announced plans over the weekend for two high-profile and prolific, beloved BlondeSense bloggers, Peter of Lone Tree & Missouri Mule, to wed – that's right -- as in the actual BIBLICAL way and not just the cyberspace one --- sometime in the future! Precise details such as exactly when, where, who will officiate, entertain, attend and provide the decadent cake are all virtually unconfirmed at this time although rumors positively indicate that a stealth bachelor/bachelorette party is in the works while the kids get the run of the asylum until SUNDAY NIGHT!

Party on, Team BlondSense! And everyone else who’s reading this that dares to drop by. (Details on the secret entry “code” to follow later. Maybe.)

Don’t forget to bring a dish, a modicum of *good* manners and courtesy, designate a driver, bring your galoshes and parachutes, plenty of music and liquor, gange, an eight ball, explosives and disguises, a couple of hookers and/or out of work waiters or investment bankers, dancing dogs with accordions (providing you can find any) and your very best and polished Walker Brothers impersonations to usher these two love birds along to a permanently mind-altering, point-of-no-returning, stupendous and otherwise staggeringly blissful start, together!

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