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Monday, July 21

Another Flip-Flopper for McCain

I know this really isn't news and it just makes people who were once deemed "Christian" reconsider their religious affiliation, but James Dobson of Focus on the Family who once swore he'd never vote for John McCain has changed his tune, flip-flopped, if you will. The self proclaimed "family values spokesman" now supports the candidate who dumped his first wife.
“I never thought I would hear myself saying this,” Dobson said in a radio broadcast to be broadcast Monday. “… While I am not endorsing Senator John McCain, the possibility is there that I might.”

To continue … “Barack Obama contradicts and threatens everything I believe about the institution of the family and what is best for the nation. His radical positions on life, marriage and national security force me to reevaluate the candidacy of our only other choice, John McCain.”
Radical? Obama? I wish.
You want family values, then endorse a candidate that is still on his first family.
You want family values, then don't listen to a right wing political hack.
Who would Jesus bomb?
Who cares if gay people get married or not?
How does renouncing Obama affect the prices at the pump?

What a silly, silly man.

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