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Monday, June 16

Will Someone Please Stuff a Sock in Kieth Olbermann's Overactive Mouth?

And can I volunteer to be the one who does it?

I had MSNBC on for five minutes tonight - long enough to hear Olbermann brand any former Clinton supporters not enthusiastically on the Obama bandwagon as racist. Evidently he had uncovered one former Clinton supporter (now working for McCain) whose husband may have (note I said ‘may have’) worked with a group denying Sally Hemmings (Jefferson’s mistress) descendents a branch on the ol' Jefferson family tree. (Well - it was Talking Points Memo who actually did the uncovering - but Olbermann didn't mention them). He danced around, hemming and hawing, saying that ‘for the record’ he wasn’t saying ALL Clinton supporters were racist, but……

I nearly threw something at the TV screen. Talk about tar and feathering people! I swear - the man has a hard-on for anything Hillary! I am SO over him. I’m over MSNBC too. I had clicked over there by mistake while I was checking my TIVO for something. They just keep getting worse! And I’m sorry for the poor woman he pilloried. I mean - what if it isn’t true? Internet reports are notoriously sparse when it comes to provenance, you know. People sometimes make shit up for the hell of it. What if she or someone she knows or is related to isn’t a virulent racist? She’s been branded on national television. If it is true - then she's an idiot - but that doesn't mean all former Hillary supporters wear sheets in their spare time!

I stopped watching Olbermann when he made crucifying Hillary his raison d’être. I’d signed off MSNBC in general long before that due to Matthews’s rampant sexism. Now all I watch is BBC II (what a pity I can’t get Radio Telefís Éireann?)!

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