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Monday, June 23

What's in the news while the Iran war drum beats louder and louder

UPDATE: Read Bomb Iran? What's to stop us?

While the bushistas are beating war drums for Iran, the Today Show on Friday featured a woman whose cornea was bruised because a little blue rhinestone heart flew off her Victoria's Secret thong panties and hit her in the eye causing excruciating pain. Her lawyer also appeared on teh Today Show. Let that be a warning to you.

But if you were watching Faux News this weekend, which I wasn't thankfully because my panties would have exploded and caused serious damage to myself and others within a few mile radius if I had seen this live, you'd learn that the bushistas (and Israel) won't decide to attack Iran until they find out who the president elect will be. The whole thing is purely political and no one tries to hide that.

Kristol and Bolton agree that bush will have to strike Iran if a Democrat wins the election.
Anti-American traitor and subversive Faux News commentator, Bill Kristol, suggested that the bush junta should be worried if Obama wins the election because he wants to negotiate with Iran and maybe bush will have to strike between the election and bush's exit from power.

Then on the phone with Faux News, former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton also suggested that who wins the election will determine whether or not Iran is attacked before bush leaves office.
"I think if they [Israel] are to do anything, the most likely period is after our elections and before the inauguration of the next President. I don’t think they will do anything before our election because they don’t want to affect it. And they’d have to make a judgment whether to go during the remainder of President Bush’s term in office or wait for his successor."

Bolton added: "I don’t think you’d hear the Arab states say this publicly, but they would be delighted if the United States or Israel destroyed the Iranian nuclear weapons capability."

People who do not stand to profit from a war with Iran have a different take...
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director General Mohamad ElBaradei will quit if Iran is attacked: "A military strike, in my opinion, would be worse than anything possible. It would turn the region into a fireball," he said, emphasizing that any attack would only make the Islamic Republic more determined to obtain nuclear power.

Bush’s chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Adm. Michael Mullen disagrees with the bushistas and believes that a dialogue with Iran should happen. There is no word if bush has decided to fire this unAmerican appeaser or charge him with using reason before missiles.
MULLEN: I would like to have a healthy dialogue with Iran, but many different administrations over a period of decades have been unable to achieve that. But I do think engagement would offer an opportunity, certainly, to understand each other better.
No one has mentioned whether or not congress has to declare war before the US can attack a sovereign nation based on hearsay and/or lies. Oh wait, nevermind, we don't have that rule anymore.

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