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Tuesday, June 10

A Wee Dram of Silliness

I was watching the news about the salmonella outbreak that caused a lot of tomatoes to be yanked out of restaurants and food stores, and this came to mind:

Attack of the killer tomatoes!
Attack of the killer tomatoes!
They'll beat you, bash you,
Squish you, mash you
Chew you up for brunch
And finish you off for dinner or lunch!

They're marching down the halls
They're crawling up the walls
They're gooey, gushy, squishy, mushy
Rotten to the core
They're standing outside your door!

Remember Herman Farbage
While taking out his garbage
He turned around and he did see
Tomatoes hiding in his tree
Now, he's just a memory!
I know I'm going to miss her
A tomato ate my sister

Sacramento fell today
They're marching in San Jose
Tomatoes are on their way!

- Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (1980 movie)

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